Cheesus Christ, what a cheesy opener for an introduction! Suggest cheese, make cheese, eat cheese, while the sun shines. Eat it with beer. Eat it with wine. It's mighty fine, however you dine. I'm a brass playing, cheesemonger with other interests that include drinking beer, sustainable farming, mountain climbing and traveling. I will go out of my way to build a fire. Hoppy beverages and washed rind cheeses are two of my favorite things.




I studied arty things at Massachusetts School of Art and I am a sign maker by trade! When I am not traveling round, looking at pictures of baby clothes or staring at my wonderful husband (yeah right) I am working on my own business centered around calligraphy and design for weddings and special occasions.

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An explosion in the artisan food community has led to a dramatic change in the way people view the importance of what they put into their bodies on a daily basis. Food and drink should be celebrated and enjoyed, not something that you simply shove down your gullet! The increased engagement and care for food has led to a global movement to improve all aspects of what we eat whether that be the raising of animals or growing vegetables without the use of GMOs. Cheese and beer are two elements of the food industry that have benefited hugely from people caring about what they eat and drink. The aim of this blog is to bring you examples of these and to highlight/rate how good products are on a purely subjective level from people we meet who work in the field! With a bit of travel advice thrown in!