San Francisco (Not SF, San Fran or Frisco)

We had three days in San Fransisco. That's hardly enough time to explore a city on most travelers list of destinations to visit! However, three days it was and with so many recommendations and online content of what to do whilst you are there it is easy to become overwhelmed. With so much info leaning towards why you should go to San Francisco, here are some reasons you may not want to go (even though it's absolutely awesome).

1. Don't go if you recently had a new knee.

To say that San Fransisco is hilly is an understatement. Regardless of where you are in the city, when you go out in the morning you climb a hill, you proceed to climb hills all day and then you climb a bloody hill to go home. Some roads seem to defy gravity and science. I mean, it's beautiful, breathtaking and majestic....but hilly.

2. Don't go if you think you are fat.

It's no lie. Being portly in this city is not popular. They get a lot of sun and therefore bodies are on show for a lot of the year. This is hardly a wet weekend in a northern English town where summer comes at 1:20pm for three hours on a Tuesday in June. It seems image is placed high on the priority list in this vibrant metropolis. Either that or people walk up and down the hills all day.

3. Don't go if you like BAD food.

if McDonald's and Burger King is more your thing then you should stay at home. The array of excellent food establishments in San Fransisco is astonishing. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner it is easy to find good food. We went to various food places, I'm not going to name them all, there is no point but breakfast at farm:table was excellent. Tiny outdoor seating area on the street accompanied by a brilliant breakfast with 'wakes you up but doesn't give heartburn' coffee. Can't beat it. But like I say, stay at home if you want to eat garbage.

4. If homeless people bother you then stay at home.

The amount of homeless in San Francisco is quite incredible, especially in the Tenderloin. You can guarantee that in any direction you go within the city you will see homeless people/druggies. Personally, I find them pretty interesting people. Whether it's just a sign that simply says 'Why lie, it's for the beer' or a conversation that ends with 'if you give me 25 cents I promise I will only spend it on drugs' spontaneity is to be had here. 

5. Do not consider a visit if you have deck envy.

Some of the most beautiful decks I have ever seen are in San Fransisco. Amazing rooftop decks with views of the city and the ocean can be found everywhere. It's pretty incredible. And a little disconcerting because you know that that deck will never be yours. Maybe it would get old anyway. (Yeah right) 

6. Perhaps give it a miss if you don't like incredible views.

San Francisco requires you to have an open mind. And along with that you need an outdoor mind. It's the best looking city you will see in America. Not only does it have a view from every angle but when you couple it with its mountainous backdrop, extensive panorama of the Pacific Ocean and aptly named Golden Gate bridge then you really are left gazing. Give it a miss if you don't like views.

7. If having a good time isn't your thing then stay at home

San Fransicso has it all. It has the ocean, it has diversity, it has the food, it has the drink, it has the views, it has the economy, it has hustle, it has the bustle, it has beautiful tranquility and it has the madness of a big city. Unless you are inclined to fit into the brackets of the points above then there is no reason not to visit. 


San Francisco city. The best city. Bridges, burritos and bloody steep hills. We are lucky bunnies.

San Francisco city. The best city. Bridges, burritos and bloody steep hills. We are lucky bunnies.