The Cheese Iron

An iron for cheese? Surely not. It may be a quick and novel way to make a cheese toastie but using an iron on cheese is just ludicrous. Insane. Worrisome.

Of course, a Cheese Iron has nothing to do with the iron that straightens your clothes. A Cheese Iron is actually a fancy tool to check the maturation of the cheese! As you would expect, once you slice into a sexy fresh wheel of something tasty then the said cheese's life is effectively over. Using a cheese iron allows cheese maturers to measure the quality of a wheel without chopping into it. It's a legendary idea and it has been used for centuries! Forget the iPhone, the Cheese Iron is what you call a real invention!

For the purpose of this post, The Cheese Iron is actually a specialty shop in Scarborough, Maine. My parents had been visiting from the UK and when we passed this shop on the way home from Portland it was simply impossible not to stop there. It was literally impossible, I had no control, the car literally just turned itself into the car park off route one! It's a great shop with friendly staff who genuinely appear interested in the product and talking to other humans, which is refreshing. I spoke to a bright eyed, curly haired kid behind the counter who proudly disclosed that he was 'born and raised in Maine' and that the shop had been established ten years.

Make no mistake, this not a large shop and yet it is packed corner to corner with fancy schmancy items that make you salivate all over your t-shirt. I felt like a Bassett Hound, dribbling everywhere. There is beautifully displayed cheese, a large array of wines, beverages from near and far, a cheese maturation room, good quality meats, items to go, miniature desserts, the list goes on. To compliment the whole place, there is indoor and outdoor seating so that you never really have to leave!

After much deliberation and trying a whole load of cheeses I went for a Bresaola with Asiago, a bit of bread pudding and a piece of Timberdoodle to go! I then proceeded to demolish them at an outdoor table in the sun with my wife and parents who were equally enthusiastically tucking into their choices. If you are ever in Scarborough, Maine then you should definitely go.                            

Pre-salivation, post chat with curly-haired kid behind the counter! (That's NOT a Donald Trump hat!)

Pre-salivation, post chat with curly-haired kid behind the counter! (That's NOT a Donald Trump hat!)