Fat Tires, Family and Four-Legged Friends!

We had one day in Chicago and it was love at first sight. One day is hardly enough time to spend in a small village let alone the third biggest city in the US! We arrived late in the afternoon after a fairly long drive from Ohio and so naturally my beer buds (taste buds for beer) were subtly telling me that I should find some amber colored liquid that would make me less parched! Our schedule was a tight one. We had a few hours to meet two awesome dogs and select what we wanted to see in the city before meeting up with my wife's cousin for dinner.

After spending a while gazing up at very tall buildings and walking along a suspiciously clean but very pleasant Chicago River we met up with Haley's cousin Andrew; chef extraordinaire and window salesman! To cut a long story short we ended up chatting until 3am and supping a splendid beer from New Belgium Brewing!

Fat Tire - Not only goes well with people but also goes well with dogs! 

Fat Tire - Not only goes well with people but also goes well with dogs! 

It turns out that New Belgium is kind of a big thing around these parts and I never even knew! Colorado based and currently on the verge of expanding to Asheville, NC, New Belgium is a company on top of the craft beer scene! Their selection range is huge and they all have great names such as Slow Ride, Rampant and Fat Tire! Andrew (with a little help from his girlfriend Brie!) decided that Fat Tire should be the beer of the evening and he made a great choice. It's a Belgian style beer named after the co-owners trip through Europe on a bike. The company describe an excellent pairing selection on their website in that the beer 'pairs well with people!' I consider that phrase to be spot on! It has all the flavors of a Belgian Ale and yet it is as easy to drink as a Pilsner! Therefore it makes you want to stay up and chat. I am going to make a point of personally going to the brewery in Colorado and checking the whole thing!

The next morning, Brie (excellent name to add to a cheese blog) showed us round neighborhood and I loved Chicago even more! We had to leave early for Wisconsin but just imagine how much great beer and cheese there is in that city!

Thanks to Andrew, Brie, Taco and Jelly!