Kentucky Bourbon? Nah, Kentucky Beer!

Against The Grain

As a beer drinker I'm never hard to please. I enjoy most beers to a certain degree and visiting brewpubs is usually a positive experience. Every individual brewery has something to write home about, little idiosyncrasies that make them unique and fun. Every now and then you find something real special and it's usually somewhere you didn't even intend to go or didn't even know existed. For me, that place is Against the Grain Brewing in Louisville, Kentucky.

Man, just about everything in this place oozes skill. The venue is located on the outer echelons of Louisville Slugger Field perfectly accessible from the Main Street on one side and the stadium on the other. It is a brewery, a smokehouse and a superb beer drinking spot. Contrary to the usual brewpub food of bog standard burgers and botched salads the brewery smokes all their own meat. The quality is top notch. What better place to smoke meats than in a bluegrass brewery in the beautiful barbecue land of Kentucky.


If the meats don't sway you then the beer will. The brewery makes so many different beverages but only has six beers available at any one time (as far as I'm aware). Even the ones they like, they alter. I'm no beer expert just simply a beer enthusiast but I'm confidently announcing that their 'Pile of Face' IPA is one of the best beers in America. Our server, Stevie P, who was clearly a beer geek like myself revealed that even though I liked it I shouldn't get too hopeful because the guys at the brewery regularly alter the recipes of the beers and alternate the hop varieties! Therefore the beer will always taste different.

Judging by the nature of the place I had a feeling that the brewery was run by a bunch of comedians with a penchant for doing things differently. I wasn't wrong. Directing myself to their website ( and reading through the owners' biographies it was clear to see why I was drinking a beer named 'Pile of Face' that was listed just above 'Sam's sweet BA Dunkel Dunk!' On reading the attributes of the four bearded buddies who brew beer, Adam has been there since the beginning of the universe, Sam has been sent from the future, Jerry was hatched from a silicon-based stone from the planet Phaart and Andrew is a hardened criminal! I guess this must be the perfect combination of personalities to make the best IPA's one could wish for.

If that wasn't enough to make you want to visit then to top it all off they have a drink called 'Bieretics' which is salted and smoked in their own smokehouse. Can't say I've had many smoked beers in my time and this one was certainly interesting! If you ever find yourself in Louisville, Kentucky it would be a travesty not to visit Against the Grain.


Lagunitas - Big but still humble?


There's no denying it, Lagunitas is huge now. It has just sold half of it's company to Heineken to try and branch into the global market which means it can no longer be described as a craft brewery. Internationally speaking, Lagunitas is still a fledgling but on the national stage it is one of the most well known beer brands in the country. The brewery is massive and trucks line up ready for distribution near and far.


Whilst Lagunitas is said to have effectively 'sold out' it still very much feels like a craft brewer. The quality and variation of their beer is excellent and the prices at the brewery are totally reasonable considering its popularity ($5 seasonal's!). It entertains a large brewpub with swathes of outdoor/indoor seating and regular live music from well known artists (Deer Tick, Blind Pilot) to help wash down the large variety of beverages on offer. Familiarity with most of their regular line lent me towards two of their seasonal ventures (Stoopid Wit, Fusion 39), a stout and 'Aunt Sally' which I had never tried. Without delving too much into the individual beers, Fusion 39 is an interesting tipple that's certainly worth a try but for me the Stoopid Wit is spot on. Lagunitas, with their catchphrases and made up words describe this drink as a 'Belgian-ish Wit-ly-esque-ish-ness brew.' Whatever you want to call it, its a summertime drink and it's bloody good.


Sitting there in the summer sun under the shade of an umbrella, listening to good quality live music and watching people mingle on the 'mingle tables' it's clear to see why the brewery scene has exploded. From a brewery as large as this all the way to the smallest nanobrewery the object is for punters to enjoy the experience. And people were certainly enjoying themselves here. Providing Lagunitas keeps making great tasting beer then I don't see its expansion as such a bad thing - somebody has to be at the top of the pyramid!

Stoopid Wit-o-meter 9/10

Who's got a fat head?


Fat Head Brewery is just one of over seventy breweries in Portland. The whole city is soaked in beer. Microbreweries, nanobreweries, brewpubs - you name it and Portland has it. It's difficult to choose where to visit, there are plenty of breweries on the outskirts of town but there are also a whole load of them in the central area too. After visiting one of the 55 food trucks that are permanently stationed in the city and amusing ourselves at the largest bookstore I have ever been to in my life we wandered the streets and decided to go into the first place we found that made beer. That place happened to be Fat Head Brewery.

As one would expect, the logo is a cartoon image of a guy with a fat head (who looks incredibly familiar to me). When we got to the bar we immediately got into a conversation with 'Sharon' - a punter. She was incredibly enthusiastic about beer and breweries and told us all of the ones that we should visit in the city whilst also suggesting beers we should try from Fat Head.


Feeling slightly uneasy whilst sitting in front of 12 taps that all had a plastic figurine of a fat head staring at me I looked at the extensive beverage menu: coffee stout, IPA, session ales, lager, apricot ale, cinnamon ale! The flavor combinations seemed endless. Not feeling particularly frivolous I wanted the 'Sunshine Daydream Session Ale.' At 4.9% and an IBU of 60 I knew what I was getting and I knew it wouldn't last long! It was so easy to drink and to be honest it tasted a bit like a daydream in the sun...whatever that tastes like. Being more adventurous than me, Haley had a tangerine shandy and whilst I initially turned my nose up at her choice it actually tasted pretty good. In England, people dunk biscuits in tea for a cheeky snack. This drink was like dunking tangerine segments into your favorite ale for an even cheekier snack!

We poured the beers into our fat heads for around an hour and then we left for beer-y-er pastures. All in all, lots of fun. Wish I had had an IPA though.

Beer-o-meter: 8/10