Ioannis fix

Fix - Back from the brink!

38 Gold Medals and Prizes' I read to myself, tilting the can to see the rim. Fix - the premium lager of Greece, back from the brink of obscurity just in time for the current beer revolution. Being familiar with Greece, my dad used to tell me of a time when Mythos, Heineken and Amstel were not the only beers to be found in certain Greek Islands. There was a time when there was a beer named Fix that disappeared some time during the eighties. Never having been old enough to drink at the time, Fix was just a story to me: a beer with a long history and a sad ending. So in 2016, on returning after multiple years away it is a highlight to see Fix available alongside the other major brands in Greece.

Fix returned back on the scene sometime during 2009 with the help of three Greek businessmen who could be described as jumping on an opportunity when they saw one. Previous attempts in the nineties to resurrect the historic beer proved fruitless but that was in the age of primitive Internet when it was much more difficult to get word around. Therefore, an investment into an already cherished and well-known beverage was always going to be a winner under the right leadership.

Windsurf for €50? Nah, grab a Fix for €1

Windsurf for €50? Nah, grab a Fix for €1

To give a brief history of Fix, it is named after Ioannis Fix who is said to have moved to Greece for personal reasons from Germany. Depending on the sources you read he either decided to start making beer to please the German influence in Greece at the time or he simply found himself working in a brewery by chance, only to have the foresight to think 'with a plan and some intelligence, I can compete here.' Whatever the correct story is, one thing is for sure - Ioannis Fix was a man ahead of his time. After a modest start he took off in the 1850's beer scene (whatever that looked like!) By the 1860's, he had moved to new premises to deal with the demand. By the 1890's he had moved again. The beverage named after the man who started it continued to win awards and be a celebrated lager across Greece until well into the 1970's. Unfortunately, a mixture of poor management and the introduction of new beers on the market ended the production of a Greek classic during the 1980's. Just when the lager looked destined for the great beer cemetery in the sky, along came three men with a plan.

Since the Fix revival in 2009, this malty beverage, under the guidance of Olympic Brewery has been exported nationally on a huge scale and in some cases internationally as it had before it's sudden demise. On the islands, away from the craft brewers of the mainland, at least there is an option available to rival Mythos and Alfa (made by Heineken!). At least now it is possible to get a lager that doesn't totally fizz your face off at the first sip. Specifications say that it should taste of apples and bananas, I definitely get fruitiness from the bevvy although there is a definite taste of cloves in there. Whatever, I hope Fix continues to be productive, long live Fix, Yamas!