Saint Agur

Saint Agur; the rindless, blue wonder!

I've been meaning to write about Saint Agur for some time. It's just one of those cheeses that sometimes seems to be overlooked until it is either sampled or accidentally on purpose thrown into someone's shopping basket when they are looking in the other direction. It doesn't take a genius to work out it's country of origin. It sounds French. It tastes French. In fact I'm sure I saw a wheel just yesterday complete with a tilted beret and baguette.

Saint Agur is another BLUE and it is pretty damn delicious. It's a double-cream cheese which makes it spreadable and wonderful. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk which comes from a small village called Beauzac in the mountainous region of Auvergne (which is the also the name of another blue cheese). The producers of Saint Agur add vegetarian rennet instead of animal rennet during the cheese-making process so it's even suitable for vegetarians! Everyone's a winner...apart from the vegans...and the lactose intolerant.....okay, so most people are winners!

I cut this the little number today!

I cut this the little number today!

     This cheeky blue has no rind so in order to keep it together it is usually wrapped in a very presentable, octagonal foil cover. It is relatively salty and fairly tangy as you would expect from most blues but overall it is definitely more buttery and rich on the palate. Melt it on burgers. Spread it on bread. Eat it with figs or dates. Eat it with caramelized walnuts. Eat it whilst doing a handstand in the shower. It's a treat. 
     Lastly there is a great commercial that can be found online for Saint Agur. It features a happy couple simply sitting outside about to start a picnic involving a piece of Saint Agur. The man secretly rings his wife's phone under the table and she runs inside to get it. Whilst she is gone he eats all the Saint Agur and she is left angry and defeated! It's worth a watch! You Tube!

Cheese-o-meter rating: 7.5/10