Snake River Brewery - Sufficiently Replenishing Beer


When you are walking the last few stretches of a 9 mile hike into the Teton Mountains one definitely needs a reward. Whether you are parched from trekking in the summer sun, happy that you have been revitalized in the fresh air or simply celebrating the simple fact that you didn't get beaten up by a bear, one is looking for a palate pleaser!

We threw off our hiking boots, ditched the unused bear spray and headed for Jackson Hole where the Snake River Brewery was waiting for us. It appeared out of the dust like a mirage which gave it connotations of a western town. In reality the haziness was due to the building site across the road from the brewery but we kept up the pretense just for fun. The building was a huge, pale-painted cube with 'brewery' written vertically on the corner. It looked inviting.

On entering the brewpub I noticed the plaque on the wall which said 'est 1993' which is plenty of time to perfect the art of small craft brewing. We selected a table upstairs on the deck and the waitress took us to our table up a spindly staircase past the gentlemen who were busy brewing beverages with hops flying everywhere. Pretty cool.

The menu had a varied selection of beers including a fair few IPA's (as you would expect) as well as also boasting lager, stout, IPL and Hefeweizen. We were only having one pint because we had a long drive back to Yellowstone so I bit my finger nails and fiddled with the spikes on my cowboy boots (wishful thinking) trying to decide what to get. In the end I opted for and fully invested in a 'Belma Pale Ale' made exclusively with Belma hops and Haley got a 'Jenny Lake Lager' which was described as an Amber colored beer made with German yeast and German malts. The Belma was great! It was tart and bitter without going wildly over the top and also fruity which is exactly what I needed to perk me up after walking 9 miles. Haley drank her pint quicker than me (a rarity!) so she must have been a fan. She said that if Jenny Lake was actually made of lager then she would drink the whole lake. She didn't actually say that but it sounds like something she would say! All in all a great day out, cheers Wyoming!


Beer-o-meter rating: 8/10 (9/10 after a long hike)