washed rind

Good Thunder - Thunderously Good!

If you have ever been in a tent during a storm in the middle of nowhere , then you will have undoubtedly heard wild cracks of thunder that cause you to believe that the gods are wielding hammers and deciding the fate of the universe. Although at first it can be terrifying, once you sit back and relax you find it to be heart-poundingly exciting. This comparison is not unlike lots of people's approaches to washed rind cheeses. On first impression, most people recoil in horror at an orange (sometimes sticky, sometimes wrinkly) rinded cheese only to be pleasantly surprised and even heart-poundingly excited when they cut one open and try a piece. 

Good Thunder is a great name for a cheese. It's a good cheese and it hits you like thunder. Good Thunder is the name of a town with approximately 600 people near the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota. It's a little washed rind square which is soaked in Surly Bender beer a few times during it's production. It may look like an insignificant little square on the surface but underneath the surface lies a bright, chalky, dense cheese that tastes amazing! 

Cheese-o-meter rating: 9/10