If you ask somebody to visualize a piece of cheese they will conjure up an image of a cheese made from cow milk. The reason for this is that so many cheeses are made from the milk of a cow. Cow milk cheeses vary drastically in flavour but one thing in common is that cows yeild a large amount of milk so wheels can be huge! Who doesn’t like cheddar?


Personally, cheese made from the milk of a goat can display a wide range of characteristics that either hit the spot or cause people to repel in horror! Fresh or aged, people dislike the ‘goatiness’ which is a large misconception! Eat it, it’s a flavor sensation!


Buffalo! Big huge beasts that produce delicate airy cheese that are full of richness! If sheep are on the fringe then Buffalo are completely out of the circle of trust but they should be explored and celebrated! My experience with Buffalo milk cheese is limited which is something to build on!



Sheep are wooly and so is their cheese! Generally higher in fat, sheep milk cheeses are rich and moreish. They make your palate go ‘oosh’ so you should definitely eat them. purely for that reason. Less well known that their goat and cow counterparts, sheep cheese is still on the fringe!